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The crows speak, the crows speak,

"You know you can't ever go back to then!"

That One Girl.
21 May 1986
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I should so put something deep and philosphical here, about myself. But the honest truth is, I'm a lot of things. Mostly a giant contradiction, and my life is apparently a giant harem anime. I'm not really sure, but a lot of weird things do happen to and around me. I've had this journal since high school so some of the entries are a bit ... well, I've changed. But it seems wrong to destroy what I was.

As far as friending goes, I'm happy to add folks back. Though, I can be offensive, brash, and sometimes a bit hasty I mean well. I go through life wielding a chair leg of truth.

Hello Cthulhu!

But you know, I kind of like the way I am, for all my foibles. I think the protagonist from Alice Walker's Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart said it best: "Of course I will change; at least I hope so. Pray so. Without changing I will be doomed to stay my present self and I'm so weary of that!".

And for the patriotic among us:

The terror alert level is currently at:

Terror Alert Level

These days, apparently I'm an INFJ. Go figure. Maybe I've gotten soft in old ages.

Credit for custom mood scheme thingy goes to tahraton_mieli.