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Sales List.

Making this one public. It's just a list for now, as I'm uploading photos as we speak. If you'd like something, let me know and we can talk/I can give it to you. Amusingly, I am selling most of my manga. Enter the de-weeabooification I guess.

Update: - See pictures of stuff here! Couch/pumpkin blanket/Spokescat Pod/Fish Pillow not for sale.

Sales List:

1) Lunar Silver Star Harmony Limited Edition - In Box, Limited Edition Bonus Items: a soundtrack CD and a set of 13 exclusive "bromide" collector cards highlighting the girls of Lunar. Has Manual, case. PSP

2) Marvel Ultimate Alliance - In case, no manual. PSP

3) Medal of Honor Heroes - PSP - In case, Manual, PSP

4) FFII - PSP - In case, no manual.

5) Hot Topic Leather Dress - XS - Never been worn, with tags.

Princess Resurrection 1+2

hell Girl 1-5

Preacher - Hardcover Book 1 - Garth Ennis

Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors 1+2

Night of the Beasts 1+2

Detroit Metal City - 2.

Revolutionary girl - Adolescence of Utena

Zombie Loan - 1
Higurashi - 1
xxxHolic - 1

Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld

Caffeine molecule thermos

Woot t-shirt- .... Godzilla making out with King Kong? Adult Small. Got it in one of those 6 dollar random woot lots.

Slatkin lavender candle (3 wicks SUPER LAVENDERLICIOUS)

English Grammar for Students of German
Barron's 501 German Verbs
Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 7th Edition (Harpercollins Unabridged Dictionaries) - With 90000+ German words! And English!
Brown plushie horse (DS Grand Bazaar pre-order bonus item) with tags, mint condition
Sweet Pea bath and body works lotion.

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