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Something that irritates me is people who leave bad reviews or make bad remarks about something they clearly have no idea about. I was boredly reading reviews for Petsmart when I stumbled upon one who was upset they refused to sell her a goldfish for her granddaughter to keep in a bowl. She explained that they would later buy it a bigger tank once the granddaughter understood fish. She was upset they were acting like she didn't know what she was doing. Oh, how was her daughter to learn without keeping a goldfish in a bowl -first-?

Uh. I think I have to side with the pet store here. It can be really tough to sell an animal to someone who is going to do something that is known to be detrimental to it. Goldfish (fish PERIOD) should never, ever ever live in bowls however tiny they are. There's no room for cover, no filtration or anything. I also have to wonder how old the granddaughter is because what if said granddaughter refuses to take care of the goldfish?

How does the pet store know Grandma really will buy a bigger tank? And if she knew what she was doing, she would know that medium to larger tanks are often better for beginners because they are more stable. Granted, for a little kid, I'd say 5-10 gallons and a hardy fish or two would let them have say, a betta or something shiny while giving them enough room to decorate rather than 'here's your fish in a bowl'. You can observe more behaviors, enjoy the decor... and if you miss a water change or two, it wouldn't be the end of the tank. Perfect for lil' Susie and Grandma in case they get sick/go out for a week/whatever. And frankly, I have yet to see an animal that is happy with nothing in its environment. No cover, no stimulation... what a miserable existence.

So grandma, I have to say that you are in the wrong. If you truly want your granddaughter to get into fish keeping, let her say when. Pets are rarely good gifts. They need research, preparation and supplies. Let your granddaughter pick the tank and fish instead of all but insisting she needs to start with a bowl and a goldfish. Frankly, I wish they would stop selling those damn bowls or mini novelty tanks. They're cruel. But mostly, I feel that children should be allowed to keep animals when they are old enough to understand (And there's nothing to say mom/dad/grandparents can't help. They -should-) and certainly, they should have a say in what pet they get.
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So bright.

Why do you hate America, Chibi?

This was asked of me over AIM.

It made me pause. Why ... do ... I ... hate America? Hmmm. Kind of a toughie really.

So I replied that I did not. That being left wing doesn't mean I hate America. I like my country, for all the good and bad it's done. I simply care for it in a different way. I simply believe in a different way of solving our problems.

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Yay! Genghis! (Kate Beaton)

MUSHing: A toxic hobby?

Now this one sort of occurred to me as I read a friend's post about leaving. He said he went out, did some stuff and felt better than he had.

It made me think. See, once upon a time, MUSHing was a glorious alternative to the free and wild craziness of chat RPs. I didn't have many folks locally I could tabletop with. So let's hit the internet! And hit it we did. Oh, the wonders that could be had! Myriads of games with scads of theme to choose from. I could go nearly anywhere and find something that suited me.
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Freud lol.

Real Horror.

Is thinking you scheduled your GRE for the 31st and finding out it's on the 6th. AAH!


Although I have been studying. Just - AAAAAAAAAAAH!
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Oh, censorship.

I understand why Atlus and Co. would remove swastikas, Hitler's name, his moustache, blah blah blah in Persona 2, but ... why would you take THAT out and leave in the background music that has his name and Heil Hitler chanted in it?

Don't get me wrong - it's an awesome, badass song and it feels really, really wrong to like it at all. Still...
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Sales List.

Making this one public. It's just a list for now, as I'm uploading photos as we speak. If you'd like something, let me know and we can talk/I can give it to you. Amusingly, I am selling most of my manga. Enter the de-weeabooification I guess.

Update: - See pictures of stuff here! Couch/pumpkin blanket/Spokescat Pod/Fish Pillow not for sale.

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On race.

Oh boy. I've been reading a bit and it sort of hit me how easy it is to unintentionally racist and treat people badly. Even if it seems on the surface that you're an 'ally' or 'color blind'. I'm leaving this one public, just because. But either way, since I can't clean until my vacuum gets here - I had time to sit and think. And think. In my closet, a cheongsam hangs. And I wondered - am I just as bad as someone on Stormfront? Am I unintentionally appropriating someone's culture if I like Indian food, belly dancing or imported clothes (In all honesty, western style clothes that I import in European sizes fit way better too. I guess I don't have enough of a badonkadonk or hooters to fit into American sizes)? What if I've been cruel and marginalizing to my friends from other cultures and countries all because I've been thoughtless? For the record, Abagond is an excellent blog on the subject.

Pretty haunting really. Even weirder was after reading about raising people 'color blind' and realizing that it's just as bad as white washing. Well-meaning allies can be just as insensitive as outright racists. You can't ignore someone's color, culture or gender. You can't just appropriate someone's cultural practices and flaunt how 'not racist' you are. It probably even makes it worse. It's not fair. It makes them generic and ignores that while it's a well meaning idea, it's still pissing into the wind. Black, Hispanic (I know - I'm looking for a better term and I'm sorry) and Middle Eastern men get arrested at far higher rates than white people. But do you know? White people are more likely to be serial killers, and commit just as much crime. It has as much to do with economic status as race. Poor whites commit crime too, even if they don't get caught for it.

Now, I don't want to fall into a giant pit of white guilt here. Do I wish that sometimes I weren't white? Oh yes. Dear God yes. I look back at how generally awful we've been to the world and shake my head. We had diseases and guns. That's how we came to power. And it's tragic. We caused most of the problems in Africa today by randomly setting borders without thought to tribe relations, water supply and ignoring traditional boundaries. We told the lighter skinned people in Africa they were better, they were in charge (See: The Tutsi and Hutu) and played havoc with local politics. We encouraged the Japanese to take over other Asian Countries and created resentment that still exists today because we bought into imperialism and the idea that west is best.

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Sorry folks. I seem to collect stalkers and other badness. I'll slap a cutesy banner up here at some point, but this journal is going friends only.
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